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Negotiating Cloud Service Agreements 

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Speakers from Morrison Foerster

Andrew Kissner 

Of Counsel @ Morrison Foerster


Anthony Ramirez 

Partner @ Morrison Foerster


Marian Waldmann Agarwal

Partner @ Morrison Foerster


Host & Speaker

Laura Frederick

Founder and CEO @ How to Contract



10:00 am

Registration and Breakfast


10:30 am

Negotiating Contracts With Difficult Counterparties (CLE Training)

Laura Frederick, CEO of How to Contract

You will learn strategies to navigate challenging negotiations, providing practical techniques to handle difficult counterparties effectively. This session will help you enhance your communication skills, build rapport, and achieve favorable outcomes even in challenging contract negotiations.


11:15 am



11:30 am

Small Group Roundtable Discussions

You'll be part of a small group that will discuss workable solutions to your legal department's contract challenges, from strategies for adopting AI products to how to better manage contract work flows. 


12:00 pm



12:45 pm

Summary of Roundtable Discussions and Sponsor Showcase


1:15 pm



1:30 pm

Provider's Use of Customer Data — The Push and Pull of Interests (CLE Training)

Marian Waldmann Agarwal, Partner @ Morrison Foerster

As companies seek to use all information at their disposal, including to improve and develop services and train artificial intelligence, the tension between customers’ obligations under privacy laws and providers’ objectives increases.  

In this segment, you will explore issues related to providers’ and customers’ rights and responsibilities regarding personal information processing. 

What you will learn:

  • Legal limitations and considerations on data use, including concerns that use constitutes a “sale” of personal information.
  • Impact of anonymization and deidentification.
  • Tips for drafting use provisions and risks of not including appropriate language.


2:15 pm



2:30 pm

Your SaaS Customer Has Declared Bankruptcy. What Now? (CLE Training) 

Andrew Kissner, Of Counsel @ Morrison Foerster

You will explore an increasingly-common scenario in this time of uncertainty and disruption in the tech industry and broader markets: the bankruptcy of a major SaaS customer or licensee. 

You will learn about how to address three common issues that arise in customer bankruptcies, as well as tips for drafting future contracts and licenses to help avoid those issues altogether:

  • Getting stuck dealing with a bankruptcy counterparty
  • The sale or assignment of your contract / license to a third-party
  • Modification or waiver of important rights by the bankruptcy court without your consent


3:15 pm



3:30 pm

Uh Oh Moments in Cloud Contracts — Suspension, Termination, Force Majeure, and Unilateral Change Rights (CLE Training)

Anthony Ramirez, Partner @ Morrison Foerster

You will explore several typical provisions in cloud services agreements that are designed to give flexibility to providers, and consider how they may create uncertainty and business continuity issues for customers. 

With a focus on suspension and termination rights, force majeure, and unilateral change rights, we will examine potential pitfalls from these provisions, and alternative formulations to balance the provider and customer interests.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding the importance of suspension/termination, force majeure and unilateral change rights for a cloud service provider’s business model.
  • Identifying key business continuity and other risks to the customer from these provisions.
  • Learning the pros and cons of alternative formulations to consider in negotiations.


4:15 pm



4:30 pm

Fun Networking Activity

Led by Laura Frederick, CEO of How to Contract


5:00 pm

Social Hour @ Morrison Foerster


Here's What Our Attendees Say about ContractsCon Local Events

Taren Fujimoto

Commercial Counsel at Nextdoor

ContractsCon Local in San Francisco [How to Contract's previous ContractsCon Local event] was an awesome experience.

I loved learning about everyone's favorite contract provision — indemnification — from exemplary attorneys with deep knowledge about the topic in the context of tech trans, IP, and litigation.

I also enjoyed the practical presentation — pointers for negotiating with difficult parties.

The best part was the multiple opportunities to meet and interface with other supportive contract nerds in a casual environment — atypical at most in-person legal networking events.

Thank you for a wonderful event!

This event has been canceled. Get on the waitlist to get notified when it's rescheduled.


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