Host a ContractsCon Event For Law Students At Your Law School

Our new ContractsCon program for law students is modeled on TEDx. Plus there's no fee to law schools to organize their own practical ContractsCon training events for students and recent graduates.

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Explore our innovative approach for law schools to offer more practical contract training 

Too many law students are graduating without practical real-world training on how lawyers and professionals draft and negotiate contracts. These programs offer law schools a way to bring the ContractsCon style event to their campus. 

ContractsCon events for law students rely on local contract lawyers to explain how we draft and negotiate contracts in the real world. 

Expert-Led Training

Law students can learn from local attorneys with expertise in different kinds of commercial contracts issues and topics. 

Community Connections

These events bring local attorneys to the law school to share their real-world experience with law students and recent graduates.

Independently Organized

Each Law School Edition event is independently organized and hosted at a law school. How to Contract provides guidelines and promotion.

Here's the kicker...  

There's no fee for a law school to host ContractsCon even for their students.

We adopted the TEDx no-fee locally-organized event approach. Our hope is that this model encourages great events in a decentralized way.

We'll provide the program guide and promote your event. We then share the recordings on our YouTube channel and other social media. It's a win-win - your students get practical training from your local contract lawyers and the content is shared with other law students and new lawyers in other communities.

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