Join Us for ContractsCon in San Francisco! 

Our first ContractsCon Local event is happening on July 25, 2023 in San Francisco with a focus on indemnification provisions.  Be there or be square!

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This event's theme is "Negotiating Indemnification Provisions"


10:00 am

Registration and Breakfast


10:30 am

Negotiating Contracts With Difficult Counterparties (CLE Training)

Laura Frederick, CEO of How to Contract, and Sue Bunnell, Attorney and Senior VP @ Wells Fargo


11:15 am



11:30 am

Small Group Roundtable Discussions

"How can and should legal departments approach incorporating generative AI into our business and legal processes?"


12:00 pm

Lunch + Roundtable Results + Indemnification Playbook Review

We'll share the results of the roundtable discussions. Laura will share the How to Contract Indemnification Playbook to discuss fallback approaches and how to create your own playbook from the day's training. (No CLE for this session)


1:15 pm



1:30 pm

Negotiating Indemnification Provisions (Part 1): Nuances of Scope and Claims Language (CLE Training)

Tessa Schwartz and Bryan Wilson, Partner @ Morrison Foerster


2:15 pm



2:30 pm

Negotiating Indemnification Provisions (Part 2):  Practical Realities of Liability Limits, Defense Obligations, and Process Issues (CLE Training)

Tessa Schwartz and Bryan Wilson, Partners @ Morrison Foerster


3:15 pm



3:30 pm

Drafting Intellectual Property Claims and Remedies Language in Indemnification Provisions (CLE Training)

Aaron Rubin, Partner @ Morrison Foerster


4:15 pm



4:30 pm

Fun Networking Activity

Led by Lisa Lang, GC @ Ohio Northern University, and Laura Frederick, CEO of How to Contract


4:50 pm

Concluding Thoughts

Laura Frederick, CEO of How to Contract


5:00 pm

Social Hour @ Morrison Foerster


6:15 pm 

Optional: Small Group Dinners in San Francisco

Speakers from Morrison Foerster

Aaron Rubin

Partner @ Morrison Foerster


Tessa Schwartz

Partner @ Morrison Foerster


Bryan Wilson

Partner @ Morrison Foerster


Host & Speaker

Laura Frederick

Founder and CEO @ How to Contract


Special Guest

Lisa Lang

General Counsel @  Ohio Northern University



Sue Bunnell

Senior VP/ Senior Legal Adviser @ Wells Fargo  


Why should you attend?

  • Learn the nuances of how to think through various decision points from experienced lawyers
  • Get very specific pointers on how to improve your contract skills
  • Get thorough breakdowns of indemnification provisions at a highly sophisticated level
  • Learn best practices you can incorporate in your day-to-day work to help you in your career 
  • Find a community you belong to and connect with others doing similar work
  • Have fun!

Enjoy your one-day training  extravaganza in lovely San Francisco

If you are local, it's an easy commute to the MoFo offices. If you are coming from out of town, why not make a long weekend of it? You'll be steps away from Embarcadero and the Museum of Modern Art.  

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  • BONUS: How to Contract's Indemnification Playbook, featuring detailed guidance on what to say, when, and why, plus the negotiation script and checklist.
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