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The most fun you'll ever have learning contracts. Guaranteed!*

 *Guaranteed is used as puffery and not a legal warranty of the fun level.

Serious training delivered with a splash of ridiculous

(ok, maybe it's more like a tidal wave, but you get my drift) Video Poster Image

You should attend ContractsCon 2025 if

you want to invest in your career and yourself by improving your job skills

you want to support your team by investing in their skills and development

you know that you will learn more with small group training and interactive learning than a traditional CLE

you believe in the power of connection and how much we all benefit from spending time with old friends and making new ones

Lawyers and contract teams LOVE ContractsCon

ATTENTION: To our knowledge without inquiry, the potato did not attend ContractsCon 2023 or 2024. Any comments by the potato should be disregarded. Those who included the potato's comments on this page have been sacked. We suspect they are in cahoots with the saboteurs of the film credits for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 

There's no other training experience like attending ContractsCon in person. 

Join us in person in Las Vegas to experience why so many of our in-person attendees come back year after year. 

ContractsCon offers practical contract training by sophisticated lawyers who just happen to be wearing ridiculous costumes. 

ContractsCon's training focuses on skills and techniques you need to get better at the contracts you work with all the time. 

The in-person program in Las Vegas includes 10.5 hours of CLE credit (pending) for no-fluff, to-the-point training that focuses on improving your understanding and skills in dealing with commercial contracts. 

JANUARY 22, 2025 (Wednesday)

Gen AI and other advanced technology products

If the machines haven't already removed our free will by then, we'll discuss drafting contracts for advanced AI and technology products. 

We have five 50-minute training sessions. Each consists of training by the speakers, followed by small group drafting exercises and discussions

  • Custom Software and APIs in an AI World
  • Drafting Provisions and Policies for Privacy and  Legal Compliance
  • Open Source Challenges With AI and Advanced Data Products
  • Drafting Terms for AI Agents and Cutting-Edge Product Features
  • Improve Your Contacts with AI Tools and Products

Wednesday's training also includes two 30-minute small group training sessions focused on working with contracts, and how our companies and law firms work with client teams on contracting challenges.

Wednesday Night 

The absolutely best night of your entire life - GUARANTEED!*

We'll have activities set up so you can build connections and friendships with other attendees, whether that's riding a mechanical bull, going ziplining, or sitting on a patio enjoying drinks with tiny umbrellas and unnatural colors. 

 *And yes, you know what we're about to say—more puffery.

 JANUARY 23, 2025


Advanced drafting and negotiation skills

Buckle up! Thursday will focus on  drafting and negotiating complex  commercial transactions. 

We have five 50-minute training sessions. each with some training by the speakers and a small group practical drafting exercise and follow-up discussion.

  • Show Me the Money - Advanced Drafting Strategies for Financial Terms
  • Negotiating Without a Live Conversation - Techniques and Approaches
  • What to Draft and Negotiate in Your IP Indemnity - Advanced Strategies
  • Designing Workable Options for Products That Don't Work - The Overlap of Covenants, Warranties, and Service Commitments
  • Complex Technical Service Agreements - Managing the People, Payments, Deliverables, and Risks

Thursday's training also includes two 30-minute small group training sessions focused on  avoiding burnout and managing complexities with your stakeholders. 


Our in-person event features lots of peer-to-peer learning

Download a sample of table exercises from ContractsCon 2024

We focus on learning and connecting, not table games and shows

ContractsCon 2025 returns for a second year to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus, just two miles from the Vegas Strip.  The on-campus setting helps set the tone that we are here to learn from and with each other.

Can't make it to Las Vegas?


You can attend the ContractsCon virtual program from wherever you are on January 15-16, 2025.

We will bring you all the fun and training!

Our virtual program offers 6 hours of CLE sessions (pending) featuring amazing content and speakers from the in-person Las Vegas program.

Our virtual program is on January 15-16, 2025, from 12 pm to 3:30 pm ET.  




1.   An approach to legal training created by How to Contract's Laura Frederick that incorporates the ridiculous and fun into practical legal skills education for law students and professionals.

  • How to Contract was started in 2021 by Laura Frederick after spending 25+ years as an attorney in the trenches negotiating commercial contracts at international law firms and cutting-edge companies like Tesla
  • How to Contract focuses on providing actionable training with specific techniques that lawyers and professionals can use that day on contracts they see all the time 
  • We train on what to say, when, and why, explaining the context and risk approaches we face in the real world of commercial contracts. We focus on what the words and concessions mean to your deal and risk.

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