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The BEST Contract Training Event in the World

(at least that's what your mom said)

Join 1,000+ lawyers, professionals, and thought leaders

January 17-19, 2024

In person and on campus at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Virtual worldwide


Here's why

you will want to attend

ContractsCon 2024

  • 100% practical teaching about how to work with contracts you handle all the time
  • Built around training bursts with tons of practical training in small groups with experienced lawyers
  • Fun and laughter is built in to every part of the event
  • Contract Karaoke hosted by our Contract Music Master
  • $2,500+ in prizes for both in-person and virtual ticket holders
  • Be part of this incredible contract community 
Are you ready to get the practical training you've been wanting while having fun with your new contract buddies?
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Lawyers and professionals like you LOVED

ContractsCon 2023

ATTENTION: The potato did not attend ContractsCon 2023. Any comments by the potato should be disregarded. Those who included the potato's comments on this page have been sacked. We suspect they are in cahoots with the saboteurs of the film credits for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 

Want to read more about what our attendees said about ContractsCon 2023?

Click here to see our Wall of Love 

Why ContractsCon 2024

is the Best Training Event

in the World


Practical training for the work you do all the time

For every mega M&A transaction or financing, there are thousands of regular contracts that companies handle day-in and day-out. This training helps you learn how to do those BETTER with strategies based on best practices used by top lawyers with solid real-world in-house inexperience.

Have a ton of experience already? This event is perfect for lawyers and professionals with 10+ years of contract experience too. We've added a whole day of training built to teach advanced contract skills. Plus you can connect with your peers and help out the ones earlier on the training path. 

Build friendships and connections that last all year

If you went to ContractsCon 2023, you know what I'm talking about. This event is not sitting by yourself pretending to work while you play Candy Crush all day. This event is about connecting human-to-human, showing support and kindness as we come to learn and have fun together.

Have the most fun you've ever had at a contract training event - GUARANTEED!

You don't have to tolerate boring CLE. to learn about contracts. We created ContractsCon to provide a fun atmosphere that supports you learning the best way there is - with silly stories, laughter, and shared joy. Yes, it is possible. Come experience it for yourself. (Disclaimer - This guarantee is mere puffery. You are on notice not to detrimentally rely on that statement in your purchasing decision. There's actually no such guarantee.)

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We'll have CLE across all of US and Canada 

We are going to pursue GO BIG strategy for CLE, pursuing credit for lawyers licensed in all 50 states and where required in Canada.  We're offering 7 hours of CLE sessions for virtual ticket holders and 13 hours for those attending in person.

Even more ways to meet and connect 

We are incorporating even more fun and friendship into ContractsCon 2024. Our event app is packed with activities, connections, social media, polls, and contests to engage you with the attendees, the hosts, the speakers, and sponsors (but not the potato).

We're going to be in Las Vegas, but not in a casino

We are so thrilled that the University of Nevada - Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law is hosting us on campus. We can connect without the bing bing bing sounds and calls to drop in one more $20. But if that's your thing, don't worry! We're just 2 miles from the Strip.

A virtual program rebuilt for the virtual audience

We are replacing the live broadcast of the in-person event from ContractsCon 2023 with a virtual-centered program delivered directly to the virtual audience. At-home viewers can ask questions to the speakers, connect with other attendees in the event app, and feel like we built it for you. Because we did!

You should attend ContractsCon 2024 if . . .

you want to invest in your career and yourself by improving your job skills

you want to support your team by investing in their skills and development

you know that you will learn more with small group training and interactive learning than a traditional CLE

you believe in the power of connection and how much we all benefit from spending time with old friends and making new ones

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Essentials and Strategies

Learn or refresh your core skills and work techniques

  • Dive deep into the  essentials of contracts to help you gain confidence in your skills.
  • Learn from experienced mentors seated in each small group to guide you through learning bursts
  • Insights from litigators who explain top ways contracts go wrong
  • Our best techniques for using AI and other contract tools to make your job easier
  • How to manage the impossible workload that comes with the surges of contract work.


Advanced Contract Drafting

Explore complex contract drafting issues and nuances

  • Strategies from top contract attorneys for complex  contract concepts when you can't get it wrong
  • The impact of advancing  AI technology and increased regulation on our core commercial contracts
  • Contract drafting approaches to better manage data, privacy and cybersecurity traps
  • How to navigate the digital contract formation processes with links and rights to unilaterally edit terms
  • How to create complex contract frameworks with multiple layers and interested parties


Negotiation Skills

Learn best practices and new techniques (only available in person)

  • Techniques for building trust throughout even the most difficult negotiation for complex  contract concepts when you can't get it wrong
  • Ways to reach a better deal faster with communication approaches that lead to more consensus
  • How to improve your preparation for negotiations to reach a better outcome and avoid mistakes 
  • Specifics about why and how to respond effectively even in the most challenging negotiation situations



1.   An approach to legal training created by How to Contract's Laura Frederick that incorporates the ridiculous and fun into practical legal skills education for law students and professionals.

  • How to Contract was started in 2021 by Laura Frederick after spending 25+ years as an attorney in the trenches negotiating commercial contracts at international law firms and cutting edge companies like Tesla
  • HTC focuses on providing actionable training with specific techniques that lawyers and professionals can use that day on contracts they see all the time 
  • We train on what to say, when and why explaining context and risk approaches we face in the real world of commercial contracts, focusing on what the words and concessions mean to your deal and risk.
  • HTC has helped thousands of lawyers and professionals around her world through her 3+ year streak of posting contract tips and silly cartoons on LinkedIn every single day

ContractsCon 2024 Speakers and Hosts

Nada Alnajafi

Founder @ Contract Nerds 

Maria Amelia Calaf

Partner @ Botkin Chiarello Calaf 

Min Cho

General Counsel @ Jeff's Bagel Run

Kwame Christian

Founder and CEO @ American Negotiation Institute

Sommer Coutu

Chief Privacy Officer @ Dell Technologies

Hebe Doneski

Former SaaS GC, now in solo practice


Marlene Eisenberg

Former GC, now legal consultant 

Laura Frederick

Founder & CEO, How to Contract

Kevin Fumai

Assistant General Counsel @ Oracle

Ross Guberman

Founder and CEO @ BriefCatch

Nia Jenkins

Deputy General Counsel @ Surescripts

Keld Jensen

Negotiation Strategist and Associate Professor Counsel @ BMI Institute

Lisa Lang

General Counsel @ Ohio Northern University

Candace McCaddon

Former Bechtel cybersecurity lawyer; now in solo practice

Amanda Merced

Former in-house AI counsel, now Partner @ Ward & Berry 

Sterling Miller

CEO and Senior Counsel @ Hilgers Graben

Flo Nicolas

Co-Founder, DEI Directive

Jonathan Perkel

General Counsel @ Qapital

Joe Regalia

Founder @ Write.law, Professor @ UNLV School of Law

Foster Sayers

Co-Founder and GC @ Tactile VR 

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Announcing the official Music Master of ContractsCon 2024

John Lindsey

of LinkedIn Music Monday song parody fame!!!


John Lindsey is the spirit animal of the contracts community on LinkedIn. That's why I was so thrilled he agreed to be the Music Master of ContractsCon.

He'll be leading the musical fun at ContractsCon, coordinating walk-on music for the speakers, playing the soundtrack at lunch, and organizing the world's first Contracts Karaoke. John is the President of InCite LegalTech, where he helps optimize legal tech and workflows.  

Follow this link to LinkedIn so you can follow him and start every Monday with a song and a smile.

What lawyers and professionals like you are saying

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what lawyers and professionals said about our conferences.
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ContractsCon 2024 will take place on campus at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, just two miles from the Vegas Strip. 

The on-campus setting helps set the tone that we are here to learn from and with each other.

The event offers a single track to maximize time working with small groups on practice provisions. We've structured each eight-person table to provide those newer to contracts with all-day one-on-one advice from those more experienced attendees. 

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ContractsCon FAQs



Getting Involved

CLE and Recordings

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