The training events you don't want to end


Whether our national conference or local events, our live training programs provide lawyers and professionals practical contract skills while having fun and building professional connections.

ContractsCon events are not your typical CLE training programs

They're practical.

ContractsCon events are not about case names or citations. At ContractsCon events, we focus on how we manage risk and make the tough decisions with less time and information than we need. We provide actionable advice to help you do the work that you have sitting in your inbox RIGHT NOW. 

They're fun.

ContractsCon is about the fun and awesomeness of contracts. We are organizing it to be a true lovefest for everything contracts. Why not combine learning about contracts with having fun?

They're together.

Our events draw lawyers and professionals just like you, ones who are passionate about their work. We want you to develop connections that you'll have in your career and in your professional life. 

ContractsCon events are training and networking EXTRAVAGANZAS designed for lawyers and professionals who work in the real world.

This training is about the contracts and the work we do every day. These events are zero-fluff, to-the-point training on the  nitty-gritty details. Our ContractsCon events include:

  • speakers who get it and can explain why we draft the way we do
  • training that how to draft and negotiate individual provisions that you can use in your job working with contracts right away
  • workshops that provide a deeper dive into more nuanced topics and include interactive group activities
  • Networking activities that create better and deeper professional connections